Magirsha industries made a humble beginning by establishing a small machine shop with conventional machine tools and basic welding facilities. Initially we catered to spares' requirements of machineries used in fertilizer, petroleum refinery, hydrocarbon and chemical industries. The companies we serviced were largely semi-government and government organizations. We were able to get immediate recognition with them due to our credentials and systematic approach. Before globalization in 1991, most of the Indian large industries had aggressive and systematic Import Substitution Programme. We, with our strong understanding ofmachine functioning and design capability, were well recognised for such jobs. As an example, we successfully developed productionaids and quality check gadgets for IPCL, Vadodara. First time in India, we developed and manufactured lead filled cask for road transportation of radio-active materials for Department of Atomic energy- Bhabha Atomic research centre. We also developed Catalyst loading device for Caprolactam project of GSFC, Gamma Chambers for BRIT, Mobile ANFO explosive charging unit for TISCO and Pneumatic grain transporting unit for Indian market.

With constant focus on expansion and new opportunity in business, we shifted our attention from machined items to fabricated process plant equipment in 1983. The equipment, we supplied, are designed and manufactured with stringent requirements of international codes and standards like ASME, TEMA, API650, BS, IS, DIN, etc.

Having established name for quality, timely delivery and business ethics, various companies started giving us enquiries for their new projects through their engineering consultants. We started executing orders for new projects through consultants and inspection agencies like EIL, UHDE India, Lloyd's, Tecnimont ICB, Toyo, FEDO, PDIL, IBI Chematur, Jacobs, Daelim, etc. Some of the major project orders we timely and successfully executed were:

1. Indian Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. VC, PVC, Gas cracker, Chloro alkali, HDPE. EIL and UHDE.
2. Indian Oil Corporation. Mathura Refinery. Daelim, South Korea and Lloyd’s.
3. Gujarat State Fertilizer Company Ltd. Caprolactam. UHDE.
4. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Ltd. Acetic Acid. Humphreys and Glasgow.
5. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Ltd. Nitro Phosphate. UHDE.
6. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Ltd. Aniline TDI. IBI Chematur.
7. Gujarat State Fertilizer Company Ltd. Methanol. PDIL.
8. RIL, Hazira. Butene. RPTL, BVIS.
9. RIL, Silvasa. POY filament. Chemtex, IRS.
10. GACL, Kanoria Chemicals, DCW, Andhra Sugar. Caustic Soda plants. UHDE.
11. RIL, Hazira. PBR III. Toyo Engineering.
12. Patcham, Sharjah. PVC Binder. Client.
13. Farabi Petrochemicals Company, Saudi Arabia. LAB Expansion. UHDE.